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Negotiating a Workers Compensation Settlement Agreement

Negotiations are a very important part of settling a workers compensation agreement. Your future welfare and financial well-being could depend on it. In most workers compensation cases, a workers compensation attorney will work toward negotiating a settlement agreement on behalf of his client – the injured employee – with the insurance company. This type of primary settlement agreement is normally known as a "clincher agreement". It basically lists what benefits the employee is entitled to at the time of the agreement and benefits he or she may receive in the future.

In most cases, the injured employee resolves his or her case with a full and final settlement with the insurance carrier. At such a time, the right to further medical treatment is terminated by the settlement agreement. So it is absolutely important that the workers comp attorney negotiate the agreement by carefully considering and evaluating the injured employee’s future medical needs.

John J. Page is a renowned St. Louis Missouri workers compensation attorney and an accomplished negotiator who will get you the best settlement possible. He is an experienced personal injury and workers compensation attorney who you need on your side, especially at a time when your employer is ready to settle your case. He understands the complexities and finer details of the negotiation and settlement process and has a track record of helping numerous clients receive fair settlements.

Why does an injured employee need a St. Louis workers compensation attorney? Because of the knowledge and skill that will be brought to the table and put to the employee’s benefit during the negotiation process. The negotiating process can make or break a workers compensation case. There are many important factors you should consider before signing off on a settlement agreement. For example, a skilled workers compensation attorney may be able to help you get extended medical treatment beyond what the insurance company agreed to. A good workers compensation attorney may also help you understand your rights as well as explore other options such as social security or disability benefits.

Missouri workers compensation cases are complex and diverse. Don’t go through this process alone. Call John J. Page for a free consultation. We can help you make sense of the process and obtain the best possible results for you. Don’t settle for less. Call us today.

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