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Being injured in a car crash often leads to serious financial, emotional, and physical challenges. It's difficult enough to recover from an accident without dealing with legal issues; however, accessing as much information as possible about your rights and options for obtaining compensation is extremely important.

Motor vehicle accidents are an ongoing health and safety concern for the nation. Many car accident victims risk being left without hope of recovery because they are not properly prepared to fight against at-fault parties and insurance companies for the compensation they deserve. Financial security is essential to recovering from auto accident injuries and an experienced personal injury attorney can help you take all the right steps to protect your financial future.

Our St. Louis car accident attorneys have years of experience helping injury victims obtain the money that they deserve from those who caused their accident. We are dedicated to gathering the right evidence and building a strong case to get our clients the results they need. For a free consultation and to learn more about how we can help, please call today.

What You Can Expect after a Car Crash

After a collision, your priority is to receive medical attention. Even if you think you've only suffered minor injuries and you are reading this a day or two after your accident, you should still see a doctor. Medical records can only help your claim for compensation.

Do not expect the party at-fault for your accident to admit it. They will change their story, if necessary, to deflect blame from themselves and onto you, which is why it is important to retain the services of a car accident attorney who can gather evidence on your behalf, such as the police report, witness statements, and even reconstruct the accident based on the information from those sources.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are usually of no help. If you've already been contacted by the at-fault party's insurance carrier, do not return communication, sign any affidavits, or give any statements regarding your role in the accident. Insurance companies and their representatives are experts at twisting words in their favor. They will try to offer you a settlement less than you deserve and may even deny you rightful compensation outright. Having an attorney at your side who is prepared for the tactics of insurance companies can ensure that you are not taken advantage of.

What You Can Do

No matter how the at-fault party and/or their insurance company tries to keep you from the compensation that is your due, there are steps you can take to place yourself in a strong negotiating position. The most important of these steps are the following:

Providing Aggressive Representation to Obtain Rightful Compensation

Insurance companies can walk all over you if you do not have strong representation at your side. Attorney John Page has years of experience in successfully handling car accident claims and has the skills and resources to stand firm against insurance companies and at-fault parties on your behalf.

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